The Process

Stage 1: consultation

Our initial discussion will focus on your website thoughts, ideas and concerns. We will discuss website layouts, types of navigation, site structure, colors, fonts and basic search engine optimization strategies along with the best balance for usability and presentation.

Stage 2: design concepts

Basic design concepts will be created and shown to you for review. Communication during this process is important to ensure the ultimate website design will match your desire and needs.

Stage 3: build & development

Once the design is approved by you, the layout will be coded into website pages that is compatible and looks great in all of the modern browsers. If you decide to add extra features, it can be accomplished in this stage.

Insites Web Design prefers that clients provide content as it should appear on their website pages. If this is not possible, I have a copywriter available to write the content for you. Ask me for more details.

When you're satisfied with all aspects of your website, we move on to the final stage.

Stage 4: go live

Your new website is ready to be uploaded to the hosting server. Your domain name should be registered by now and the web hosting should be obtained and ready for the website files to be uploaded. 

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Things to Know...

  • How much does a website cost?

    I receive many calls asking "How much does it cost to make me a website?"

    It's a legitimate question, but not easy to answer without more specifics.

    The answer is it depends on your needs. There are many variables to designing and building a website. How many pages will you need? Graphics? Photos? Videos?

    Each client and their needs are completely unique and detailed information is needed for a web designer to give you the best estimate.