Do you need help developing an online strategy? The internet is constantly changing, with new technologies and new trends showing up all the time. I can advise you on the appropiate technology for your online project.

Web Design

Website visitors need a user-friendly and intuitive navigation to gain the most benefit from your website. Effective navigation ensures your website visitors will find the  right information easily and quickly.

Achieving the right look and usability is fundamental to the success of a website. Working closely with you from the start to discuss your needs, ideas and branding is the first step in assuring you'll have a website that is right for your business or organization.

Better code means better results

Search engines read a website from the start of the code all the way to the end of the code. They don't read the website as you view it. The code structure must be created in a way to promote search engine placement, usability and accessibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Are people finding your website? 

Businesses or organizations must ensure their websites are optimized correctly to achieve search engine visibility. A website that is coded with on-site optimization during site build is only the first step. After the website has been optimized correctly, other steps include creating and submitting xml sitemaps for the search engines, creation of files to direct search engine robots and directing the search engines to the www or non-www version.
This is not a complete list, there are many more steps to ensure your website gains the most visibilty with the search engines as possible.

Content Management System

What is a CMS?

A Content Mangement System (CMS) is a tool that allows non-technical administrators to edit and manage content on their website. No knowledge of HTML or programming needed. A brief, simple training session is all you need.

If you're looking to manage your website in-house, a Content Management System may be for you.

Social Media

How can Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn help?

The use of social media is growing. Businesses and organizations can benefit from these channels as a promotion tool.

Contact Insites Web Design to see how connecting with social media will help your website marketing efforts.

Domain Name Registration

Registering domain names is another service of Insites Web Design. Domain names are registered and managed through a leading domain registrar. This ensures your domain name will be managed properly. 

Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a home for your website files. A reliable web host is needed to avoid downtime that some budget hosting providers experience. Insites Web Design chooses the best possible solution with web hosting companies that have shown to be reliable over the years.

Site Maintenance, Updates & Support

Insites Web Design provides technical and practical support for client websites. You'll have peace of mind that your website and applications are supported against unforeseen problems. 

All client websites will receive one-month of free maintenance for minor changes after site completion. 

Contact Insites Web Design for further details on support or major changes after website completion.

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Things to Know...

  • How much does a website cost?

    I receive many calls asking "How much does it cost to make me a website?"

    It's a legitimate question, but is not easy to answer without more information.

    The answer is it depends on your needs. There are many variables to designing and building a website. How many pages will you need? Graphics? Photos? Videos?

    Each client and their needs are completely unique and detailed information is needed for a web designer to give you the best estimate for your web project.